Project Support

The Hippolia Cluster supports new ideas and offers its members individual personal support guaranteeing complete confidentiality.

From Idea to Product/Service

The Hippolia Cluster offers project leaders a whole support service to guide them step by step through the innovation process. Members can consult the project team at all times

  • Project analysis: marketing advice and expertise
  • Market data: production of general and customised notes
  • Partner search: establishing contacts, particularly through other competition clusters
  • Funding search: advice and guidance in accessing public and private funding
  • Fundraising support: organisation of committees of funders through the French Cluster Innovative Enterprise Certificate (Label Entreprise Innovante des Pôles)
  • Business development advice: discussions and strategic advice
  • Support for promotion: advice on a communication strategy


As a competitive cluster, the Hippolia Cluster is authorised to issue certificates to innovative projects.


To approve the project’s coherence To seek advice from independent experts To increase its chances of winning funding.

Who can benefit?

Project leader. Company. Research team. Training centre. Industry body.

What type of project is eligible?

A project developing a product or service. A research project involving horses.

Eligibility criteria

Innovative in nature. Economically viable. Relevant to the horse industry.

Further developments

The Hippolia ideas box: pooling of ideas
Calls for collaboration: putting project leaders in touch with each other
Test sites: equestrian facilities listed as suitable for testing