Membership is open to all French industrial and service enterprises, entrepreneurs and research and training bodies.

Applying for Membership

  1. Meeting with project manager to define needs and expectations
  2. Submission of completed membership application form and payment
  3. Approval of the membership request by the Hippolia Cluster Board of Directors
  4. Confirmation of membership of the Hippolia Cluster

A membership pack is available on request.


« Since it was first created, the Hippolia Cluster has proved a major asset to CIRALE, an outpost of EnvA (Alfort National Veterinary School) in Normandy. Il allows us develop and strengthen our research effort in synergy with companies in this sector.
It is excellent news to hear that the certification of the Hippolia Cluster has been renewed. This means that we can pursue further our public/private partnership in our areas of expertise, namely horse health, performance and well-being. »

Pr. Fabrice Audigié
Director of CIRALE

« The Hippolia Cluster has supported us throughout our adventure of creating a start-up, opening doors for us to their network in Normandy and in France, and supporting our applications to incubators and funders. It is also helped us make our innovations more widely known through their ability to communicate at trade fairs and in the specialist media. »

Zakaria Antar
CEO of Seaver

« The cluster is essential to our sector. The support it offers to innovative projects and the companies it manages to bring together is unique in France. I particularly admire the team's ability to come up with proposals and to provide its members with personalised advice. »

Alice Torrente
Director of Horse Development

« The Hippolia Cluster is a business interlocutor in our industry providing a network and a seal of approval for financial bodies that know very little about the sector. The Cluster has given me a leg up in launching my company! »

Delphine Coutagne
Founder of Equipeer