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The Hippolia competitiveness cluster, the French network for innovative stakeholders in the horse industryCarte des Pôles-oct2014

Pôle Hippolia is the only competitiveness cluster devoted to the horse industry. It belongs to a network of 70 competitiveness clusters that were awarded by the French government in 2005 (see map of the competitiveness clusters opposite).

Located in Normandy, the land of the horse in France, the Pôle Hippolia brings together stakeholders who wish to contribute to improving the entire industry’s competitiveness through innovation. It has over 150 members :

  • Industrial and services companies
  • Research and/or training centres
  • Organisations inside of the horse industry

The Pôle Hippolia, driving innovation and competitiveness in the French horse industry

The challenges the sector will be facing over the next five years are multi-factorial :

Horse innovation improved security
– enhanced performance
– improved welfare for the horse
– more respect for the environment
– increased profitability



“Related” companies, working with research and training organisations, directly participate in improving the competitiveness of the industry as a whole by offering increasingly innovative products and services in the following areas :

French equine companies


  • Health, hygiene and care
  • Nutrition
  • Horse equipment
  • Rider equipment
  • Facilities
  • Transport 
  • Advice and services

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