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The Pôle Hippolia’s work is focused on two main areas

                    ⇒ Innovative projects                    

                    ⇒ Competitiveness of companies  

Horse innovation

Pôle Hippolia, an innovation driver

Pôle Hippolia supports projects throughout the development process, from their emergence to their enhancement and promotion.

Its actions are focused on three priority areas with high innovation potential:

  • horse health and performance
  • equipment
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

It can also work on other areas with its members, if need be.

Innovative project support aims to:

  • promote the development of projects
  • contribute to project structuring
  • award labels to projects
  • support project implementation
  • promote projects

Pôle Hippolia, a competition driverSphère Performance

Improving the competitiveness of its members is one of the Pôle Hippolia’s key objectives.

The Pôle Hippolia has implemented various tools to meet the following challenges:

  • to contribute to developing the performance and expertise of its members
  • to understand and monitor the network’s environment
  • to strengthen member visibility
  • to act on international markets