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Normandy is internationally renowned for its rich land ideal for horse breeding. However, the region also has competitiveness support tools for businesses in the industry, such as équi-ressources. It has also invested in advanced research facilities allowing it to be one of the world’s leading regions in research and innovation in the horse industry. In conjunction with local authorities and a number of partners, the Pôle Hippolia has worked to implement these facilities to provide an adequate ecosystem conducive to R&D.


équi-ressources is the French national employment and training centre devoted to the horse industry. It was created in 2007 by the IFCE, Pôle Emploi and the Pôle Hippolia. équi-ressources is based in Haras du Pin (61) but the agency covers the whole of France. équi-ressources’ main missions are: Blacksmithery

1- Employment and work placements

  • collecting offers and having an advisory role for employers
  • answering job applications, welcoming and advising people
  • putting employers and job seekers in contact via our job board service.

2 – Jobs and training

  • providing information about jobs in the horse industry
  • providing information about specific training in the horse industry
  • ensuring the list of training establishments is up to date

3 – Monitoring centre 

  • monitoring information
  • carrying out prospective analyses
  • informing and communicating

Visit the équi-ressources website


Local authorities (both regional and departmental) have supported research in the horse industry for over thirty years by providing advanced research facilities, in particular in:

  • Goustranville with the teams from ANSES Dozulé and ENVA-CIRALE Equine Pathology Laboratory
  • Saint-Contest with the Frank Duncombe LABÉO laboratory

In 2010, they joined forces to form a PPP called “Hippolia Syndicat Mixte” (Hippolia Public-Private Partnership). The latter supports a common development strategy for the sites mentioned above including, among other things, the construction of new laboratories and the installation of supplementary advanced equipment. Research teams and innovative businesses therefore have access to an exceptional “technical platform” which they can use for their research and development programmes.

Watch the video : – LABÉO Frank Duncombe and the Dozulé – ANSES lab LABEO Frank Duncombe - Crédits photo Fondation Hippolia               – The ENVA-CIRALE Cirale VueGen FabCredits photos Région Basse-Normandie-redimensionnée